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Sunday 19 November 2017


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How to avoid race discrimination claims

Monday 30th October 2017

Prevention is better than cure – so what can you do to avoid race discrimination, and how can you handle any claims that you do receive? Joanna Alexiou explains

Race discrimination is unfortunately very prevalent in general practice. Colour, nationality, national origin and ethnic origin (which can sometimes include religion [1]) are the four different and often intertwining elements within the protected characteristic of race under the Equality Act 2010. There...

Thu, 1 Mar 2007
The issue of workload management is critical to general practice. With many GPs vying to see patients but battling against a pile of paperwork, practice managers may be interested in how they might improve efficiency. Here, Dr Jeremy Gray describes how he has employed a personal assistant (PA) to help him with his nonclinical tasks, which brings benefits to himself and the PA
Thu, 1 Mar 2007
Hiring locum GPs is a necessity in general practice, but since each practice has its own customs and idiosyncrasies, a fresh-faced locum may understandably require extra consideration and time from the practice manager. Here, Judith Harvey gives some tips on how to get the best out of a new locum by providing understanding, support and necessary information
Thu, 1 Mar 2007
Practice management is a profession that is still not clearly understood by those outside general practice – perhaps not surprising, considering the evolution of the role and its increased responsibilities in recent years. Debbie Bodhanya looks at how the role has developed, and at the training opportunities that now exist to help practice managers move forward even further
Thu, 1 Mar 2007
Sam Riddell, a practice director in Dundee, recently oversaw the fusion of his two practices to form one, larger surgery. Here, he shares the challenges he faced and gives some advice on how best to approach the process of forming a merger practice …
Fri, 23 Feb 2007
Firms to use hygiene technology that protects surgeries against bacterial bugs