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Saturday 28 November 2015

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27.11.15: Muhammad Ahmed, the practice manager at Teehey Lane Medical Centre in Wirral was named Practice Manager of the Year at the GP Awards in London last night
27.11.15: The National Audit Office has said that NHS England and the Department of Health are trying to improve access to practices, but without fully understanding the current system
26.11.15: The government’s focus on seven-day services was a “troubling detail” in the spending review yesterday, Shirley Cramer, chief executive of the Institute of Health Managers (IHM) said
25.11.15: Chancellor George Osborne has said that the NHS budget will rise from its current level of £101 to £120bn by 2020/21 in today's spending review.
04.11.15: The UK needs 26,500 more doctors just to meet the OECD average, the Health at a Glance report revealed when released this morning.
20.11.15: Practices should register patients who do not have proof of address, including people who are homeless, staying with friends, living on a boat and tourists, NHS England said in new guidance
02.11.15: The fees for Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection could increase six-fold within two years, according to a CQC consultation launched today
11.11.15: Practice managers can be overlooked, but they were centre stage at MIP London

Personal practice

Mike Dixon: I know of many GPs and patients who find homeopathic preparations helpful, especially in clinical areas where there is no satisfactory conventional treatment
Kimberley Hackett: Practice managers can be overlooked, but they were centre stage at MIP London
Sally N. Ellis Fletcher: Biases, prejudices and stereotypes (BPS) by healthcare workers can attribute to healthcare disparities, delayed access and discrepancies in healthcare equity

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