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Sunday 11 December 2016

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09.12.16: NHS Confederation has told the Government that the CQC needs to show better value for money in light of the planned fee hike.
08.12.16: Convicted fraudster, Conrad de Souza, who held top jobs in the NHS for nine years based on fake qualifications, has plead guilty to attempting to repeat his crime after coming out of prison.
07.12.16: Practice managers should make GPs aware of new guidance on dealing with inappropriate and intrusive behaviour from patients, especially online.
06.12.16: Almost a third of practices in England have been unable to fill GP staff vacancies for a year according to a new BMA survey of 3,567 partners.
30.11.16: Retired or part-time practice managers in Wessex have been asked to lend their abilities to other practices that may be in need amid high level of turnover and mergers.
24.11.16: Extending access to routine general practice across seven days had ‘no demonstrable impact’ on either emergency admissions or out-of-hours services, NHS England’s final evaluation of the first £50m wave of pilots has concluded.
05.12.16: Practices of concern may receive a phone call rather than a visit from the CQC inspector in future, the deputy inspector of general practice has said.
01.12.16: The GP practice where the CQC’s chief inspector of general practice, Professor Steve Field, is a partner has received a rating of ‘requires improvement’ on ensuring services are safe for patients, despite being given a ‘Good’ rating overall.

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Andrew McHugh: I’m not sure what I enjoyed least about the campaign, the bullying, the bribery or the bluster of Boris Johnson
Dwysan Edwards: Will the money promised now be spent on Welsh local priorities rather than within the EU?

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