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Sunday 26 February 2017

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23.02.17: It was revealed in the 2017/18 GP contract deal that the value of a QOF point will increase from April this year by 3.6% from £165.18 to £171.20.
21.02.17: Practice managers could benefit from tapping into the opportunities on offer in their local pharmacies, argues Steve Williams.
21.02.17: Dwysan Rowena advises on how a practice manager can juggle their various roles while propping up a busy practice.
20.02.17: A new online tool to improve the referral process has been welcomed by practices.
08.02.17: The Government will consult on whether all healhcare regulators should be merged into one, in a massive overhaul that would save the NHS up to £36m a year.
10.02.17: Practices will have their full CQC fees reimbursed following the negotiation of the new GP contract.
16.02.17: Over 25% of GP appointments in one area of England will be conducted by nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals within four years under plans to relieve pressure on general practice.
14.02.17: The man charged with improving general practice talks to Angela Sharda about how practice managers are key to revitalising primary care.

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Andrew McHugh: I’m not sure what I enjoyed least about the campaign, the bullying, the bribery or the bluster of Boris Johnson
Dwysan Rowena: Will the money promised now be spent on Welsh local priorities rather than within the EU?

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