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Sunday 1 May 2016

Top stories

29.04.16: The Department of Health has published updated help to recover the costs of overseas visitors and migrants
28.04.16: E-cigarettes are an “important” tool in reducing the number of avoidable deaths from smoking according to experts from the Royal College of Physicians
27.04.16: The drive to recruit and retain GPs must not let up a senior doctor said after latest figures revealed an “incredibly serious” 1.9%drop in the number of GPs working in England
27.04.16: More than three quarters of junior doctors failed to turn up to work on the second day of their all out strike in the dispute over the new contract, NHS England said
29.04.16: The Department of Health has published updated help to recover the costs of overseas visitors and migrants
28.04.16: Doctors are calling for more funding in general practice in Scotland after nine-out-of-ten GPs said they fear that a lack of resources is putting patient care at risk
21.04.16: Reception and clerical staff will get training to free up GPs’ time, the role of practice managers will be developed and patients will get online consultations as part of a multi-billion pound package “to get general practice back on its feet”
22.04.16: Preparing a business plan can be a daunting process but it’s fast becoming a popular tool to help practices see where there are struggles and triumphs

Personal practice

Virginia C Patania: The junior doctors’ fight against the government doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Both sides have made valid points but until there is any concrete evidence to go off it is impossible to say who is right?
Andrew McHugh: Over the last five years we have seen consultations with the over 80s increase by over 150%; in the same period we have seen funding of general practice fall by around 20%
Anne Crandles: Last year’s flu vaccine was ineffective and this has undermined people’s confidence in flu immunisations. As a result, many patients are just not bothering to present.

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