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Wednesday 10 February 2016

Top stories

08.02.16: Patient satisfaction is higher for general practice than any other NHS sector, the latest survey has revealed
08.02.16: Jeremy Hunt, health minister, announced £4bn for a paperless NHS on Sunday, and received criticism that he is simply re-using old statements rather than addressing the NHS crisis
08.02.16: A woman who registered at seven GP practices, lying about her address, has been sentenced for fraud
05.02.16: Nearly one half of practices had to increase their locum use last year, according to a new report
29.01.16: The Scottish government views the general practice service as “dispensable”, a chief from the Royal College of GPs Scotland has argued
29.01.16: Precious practice money is being wasted on employing staff to cover practice work as GP surgery staff prepare for inspections, Chaand Nagpaul said, in light of a new BMA survey
05.02.16: Nearly one half of practices had to increase their locum use last year, according to a new report
04.02.16: The rising personal indemnity costs can only be halted by addressing the spiralling cost of claims, the Medical Defence Union said

Personal practice

Simon Taylor: With the latest deadline for going paperless looming in 2020, there is still time for the transition to a digital heath service to be effective and transformational
Andrew McHugh: Over the last five years we have seen consultations with the over 80s increase by over 150%; in the same period we have seen funding of general practice fall by around 20%
Anne Crandles: Last year’s flu vaccine was ineffective and this has undermined people’s confidence in flu immunisations. As a result, many patients are just not bothering to present.

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