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Wednesday 25 May 2016

Top stories

25.05.16: Manchester LMC's chief executive has revealed plans to move emergency departments out of hospitals and into communities by 2020
23.05.16: Every practice in England is set to receive resource packs on how to make their surgeries more friendly for patients with an autism spectrum disorder
23.05.16: Leading health organisations have warned that community pharmacy closures could place untenable burden on local GPs
23.05.16: Analysis from NHS Improvement into providers’ financial performance has found that the sector has saved £316 million less than planned
05.05.16: A health think tank is calling for better support for practice managers to help crisis-hit general practice cope with the demands of increasing workloads
06.05.16: The British Medical Association has issued guidance on medical indemnity as the number of claims has soared, with £5 million payouts no longer unusual
13.05.16: Urgent action is needed to alleviate pressure in general practice in Ipswich as GPs in the Suffolk town are facing case loads of up to 80 consultations a day, a doctor has said
12.05.16: GPs are being told to review thousands of patients who have been prescribed statins or not given the drugs after a computer glitch was discovered in a tool used to assess heart disease risk

Personal practice

Virginia C Patania: The junior doctors’ fight against the government doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Both sides have made valid points but until there is any concrete evidence to go off it is impossible to say who is right?
Andrew McHugh: Over the last five years we have seen consultations with the over 80s increase by over 150%; in the same period we have seen funding of general practice fall by around 20%
Anne Crandles: Last year’s flu vaccine was ineffective and this has undermined people’s confidence in flu immunisations. As a result, many patients are just not bothering to present.

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