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Wednesday 31 August 2016

Top stories

31.08.16: Community pharmacists will take over repeat prescribing from general practice staff in the next five years to ease pressure on primary care
31.08.16: Over 750 additional full-time staff will be recruited to NHS Scotland next year
31.08.16: Practices are facing delays as patient records and supplies go missing and payments are made late. Alex Matthews-King investigates
30.08.16: The CQC is cutting the pay of GP special advisors to save money, despite increasing practice fees by 600% in two years
02.08.16: NHS England has enforced a new framework to ensure clearer healthcare information for disabled people and their carers
25.08.16: Harrogate and Rural District CCG is consulting on ways to fill a £8.4 million budget gap
04.08.16: NHS Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCG will now only prescribe gluten free foods to vulnerable people
05.08.16: Public Health England has launched guidance for getting more patients to use NHS Health Checks

Personal practice

Andrew McHugh: I’m not sure what I enjoyed least about the campaign, the bullying, the bribery or the bluster of Boris Johnson
Dwysan Edwards: Will the money promised now be spent on Welsh local priorities rather than within the EU?
Fiona Dalziel: Having survived the Scottish Independence referendum, an equally ghastly process but with a good outcome, it is entirely possible that Nicola Sturgeon will try for another independence referendum

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