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Thursday 22 March 2018
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Topic: Patient Access

March 19, 2018

Some GP practices in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire will start offering evening and weekend appointments, the commissioning body has announced.

NHS Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will offer these extra appointments from 31 March in a bid to help reduce pressures on both general practices and hospital emergency departments, while giving patients a convenient choice to access GP appointments out-of-hours.

March 15, 2018

Tens of thousands of patients across Bury, Greater Manchester are joining their GP practice’s online services.

NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) announced on its website yesterday (14 March) that over 20,000 new patients joined the online services in 2017 alone, compared with over 5,500 in 2016.

A total of over 35,000 users opened an account to use GP digital services since it launched in 2015, the CCG said.

March 14, 2018

Patients with multimorbidity take up more than half of GP appointments, a study has found.

March 13, 2018

Two Hampshire practices have launched an urgent care system to improve access to same-day appointments for their patients.

GPs at the practices in Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire are confident that this system will help them to offer more routine doctor appointments and reduce patients waiting times.

In a letter to patients, Lee-on-the-Solent Health Centre said they will be working with Manor Way Surgery to deliver a new urgent care system.

March 9, 2018

A GP practice is launching a virtual patient participation group (PPG) to run alongside with its regular face-to-face meetings.

Adelaide Street Family Practice in Blackpool hopes that the existence of a digital group on Facebook will encourage more people to become active participants and contribute to the practice’s PPG.

The digital group is launching on 20 March, but the practice will be running a test session before the official release date.

March 8, 2018

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has expressed concern over the use of patients’ data held at GP practices for immigration purposes.

The College is concerned about the existence of an agreement allowing the Home Office to access patient’s data for immigration purposes, which could deteriorate patients trust into general practice.    

March 5, 2018

Millions of Brits struggle to see their GP because they find it so hard to make an appointment, a survey has revealed.

The survey of 2,035 UK respondents by Censuswide, commissioned by Octopus Healthcare, has found that more than 18 million people (36%) across the UK could not get a GP appointment in the past 12 months because they could not get through on the phone to make an appointment.

About 48% of respondents from Birmingham could not see their GP in the past year, while the figure stands at 40% in Cardiff and 39% in London.  

March 2, 2018

GPs and practice staff have been going the extra mile – quite literally – to care for patients despite the snow chaos that has engulfed Britain.

March 1, 2018

GP practices have been advised to consider their staff safety first and close earlier if needed, a Local Medical Committee (LMC) has told Management in Practice today (1 March).

North and South Essex LMC has been advising practices calling in with weather concerns to close their surgery earlier if needed to avoid putting their staff safety at risk.  

The key thing is staff and patients’ safety

February 15, 2018

The allocation of primary care funding in England does not take into consideration local needs, a study published today has found.

The research, which has been published on the BMC Medicine, has found that practices in London receive more funding despite serving a population with the lowest health needs in the country.

February 14, 2018

Patients with dementia are not receiving the right care they are entitled to, as one out of three does not get their care plans reviewed regularly.

The findings come from an analysis of NHS Digital Recorded Dementia Diagnoses monthly publication in November 2017 by the British charity Age UK.  

The charity looked at 7,185 GP practices and found that out of the 458,461 patients that had a recorded diagnosis of dementia in November 2017, only 282,573 received a care plan review or a new care plan in the last year.

February 9, 2018

Patients are still frustrated when they are denied antibiotics, a Medical Protection Society (MPS) survey of 500 GPs has found.

Almost a third (32%) of GPs said that they frequently deal with patients who get angry or frustrated when they are advised that they do not need to take antibiotics.

It comes after Public Health England (PHE) launched a ‘Keep Antibiotics Working’ campaign at the end of October 2017, to raise awareness about the higher risks of infections patients could suffer if taking antibiotics inappropriately.

February 8, 2018

Two branches of the same surgery will continue to provide care for their community after a new contract to run the service has been awarded by the local CCG.

Cliff House Medical Practice in Lincoln, Lincolnshire will continue to operate from its two sites in Burton Road and Gresham Street, after business partner Mrs Errum Ansari and partners have been awarded a new contract by NHS Lincolnshire West Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

It comes as partners successfully won a competitive tender process.

February 6, 2018

The Health Committee wants NHS Digital to withdraw from a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that allows it to share patient’s data with the Home Office.

February 5, 2018

A research has found that practices are losing their GPs because of three reasons in particular and encourages policymakers to start from these findings to improve the state of primary care.

February 2, 2018

A GP practice has closed after failing to secure a new contract with a provider to run the service, the local CCG has said.

NHS Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) announced at a meeting on 30 January that it had not managed to find a new provider for the service and was therefore forced to close the practice.

January 31, 2018

Alternatives to face-to-face GP consultations are difficult to implement and might not translate into better patient access and reductions in workload, new research has suggested

Practices were struggling to implement alternatives to traditional consultations, a study published today (30 January) in the British Journal of General Practice has found.

January 31, 2018

A GP practice in Folkestone has announced intentions to close one of its branches that fails to comply with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidelines and is no longer financially sustainable.

In a letter to patients, GP Principal and sole provider for The Surgery Dr Zaw Thike launched a proposal to close his branch in Hawkinge, Folkestone after recognising that the premises hinder the delivery of certain aspects of care and that not enough space is available for nurses to support GPs during working hours.

January 30, 2018

Practices should adopt a few changes to create an ‘accepting atmosphere’ and improve health outcomes in LGBT patients, a study published today in the British Journal of General Practice has suggested.

In their study, researchers said that sometimes only inexpensive changes are needed, such as ‘displaying signs or symbols that convey an accepting atmosphere, such as a rainbow symbol or the Human Rights Campaign logo’.

January 26, 2018

GP practices will benefit from a new pilot that will see specialist and advanced paramedics rotating through the ambulance service, community multi-disciplinary team and primary care.

The paramedic pilot, launched by Health Education England (HEE) on 24 January, allocates £600,000 to trial the new rotational model to check its feasibility.

Specialist and advanced paramedic practitioners (SPPs and AAPs) are set to work across the NHS, to help within the ambulance service, community-based teams and GP practices.

January 24, 2018

Around 3.5 million UK residents with asthma are not receiving the basic care they need, according to a survey by Asthma UK.

The charity surveyed 7,611 patients with asthma in the UK and also found that 1 in 6 people (15%) with asthma lamented poor care.

The study Falling Through the Gaps: Why more people need basic asthma care, revealed that according to national guidelines, every asthma patient is supposed to have access to three elements of basic care:

January 23, 2018

A study published in the BMJ Quality & Safety by researchers at Imperial College London has found that there is no correlation between the levels of patients’ satisfaction with their GP practice opening hours and the number of A&E visits.

Instead, they registered slightly fewer visits to A&E when better booking systems to make GP appointments were in place.

January 19, 2018

GP practices in England saw a 150% increase in patients’ attendance for influenza-like-symptoms (ILI) since the beginning of 2018, latest figures published by the Royal College of GPs' Research and Surveillance Centre (RSC) have shown.

During the second week of January (8-14 January), the RSC registered an increase more than 9,000 (42%) extra patients presenting to GP practices with flu-related symptoms in comparison with the previous week, for a total of around 31,300 patients.

January 18, 2018

From May 2018, the current Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 will leave space to its younger sister, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Fines are among the things that are changing. Under the current DPA, entities in breach of data can pay up to £500,000; however, after the GDPR comes into place, fines could reach up to €20m or 4% of a company previous year’s financial incomings.

It is then wise to check a few things to make sure you are complying with the GDPR.