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Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Salaried GPs and partners average income drop

The average income for salaried GPs and partners in the UK fell from £97,500 to £97,200 during 2009/10, NHS data shows.

Official figures from the NHS Information Centre show GPs working across GMS and PMS practices saw income rise from £105,300 to £105,700.

Those partners solely working in GMS practices also enjoyed a slight rise in income of 1.2% to £100,400 in 2009/10, yet GPs under a PMS contract saw their income fall from £116,300 in 2008/09 to £115,300.

The average income before tax for contractor GPs was £105,300 in 2008/09 and £106,100 in 2007/08; down from a peak of £110,000 in 2005/06.

Partners in non-dispensing GMS practices saw the greatest rise in income during 2009/10 – from £95,900 to £97,300.

Comparatively, partners in PMS dispensing practices suffered the greatest fall – from £132,200 in 2008/09 to £131,100 in 2009/10.

“Our report shows that, on average, a GP working in the UK earned roughly the same pay before tax in 2009/10 as they did in the previous year,” said Tim Straughan, Chief Executive of the NHS Information Centre.

”If we consider GP earnings over time; the average pay for a contractor GP at present is a decrease on the peak of £110,000 in 2005/06.”

England was the only UK country to see a drop in average income – down 0.18% to £109,400.

Partners in Scotland saw a 3.5% rise to £89,500 in 2009/10, Wales enjoyed a 3.1% jump to £93,500 and Northern Ireland climbed to £91,400 from £89,700 in 2008/09.