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Saturday 20 July 2019
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Diversity important in business

Diversity should be seen as more than a statistic claims a leading equality campaigner.

Liz Bingham, managing partner for people at Ernst & Young, believes that having a diverse range of staff working in the heart of a business - as opposed to considering it a side agenda – can have significant benefits.

In an interview with HR Magazine, she said:

“[It’s about] getting a seat at the right table with the right dialogues going on about how all of this fits together. It fits with external stakeholders' requirements to see more diversity rather than it being a ‘let’s be nice to the women or some minority group’.

“We need to focus on the pipeline of talent rather than just say ‘we need to sling X percentage of ethnic minority on this board or Y percentage of women’. We need to do it in a credible and sustainable way.”