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Wednesday 20 June 2018
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'Texting in sick' on the rise

'Texting in sick' on the rise

Employees are increasingly using text messages or emails to call in sick, a report released recently has shown. 

Commissioned by Intercity Telecom, the report showed that 38% of British workers text their boss when they are unwell, instead of phoning in. 

One in five workers said they had “pulled a sickie” and were too guilty to call. Men were most likely to do this, with 25% admitting to faking illness. 

Andrew Jackson, Intercity Telecom’s CEO said it is vital for people to choose the most appropriate way of communicating with their managers. 

He said: "Choosing the right way to communicate can make all the difference to the working relationships that we build and helps avoid being misunderstood."

Recent research showed that over a quarter of managers said that they have a problem coping with staff absences.

The research highlighted a need for effective management training in the UK aimed at helping employers to deal with sick leave.