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Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Self-diagnosis most common in Liverpool, research suggests

Patients who diagnose themselves online are most often in Liverpool and rarely in York, analysis of web searches found

Online self-diagnosis is most common in Liverpool and least common in York, analysis of web searches found.

Data was taken from 61 million UK internet searches for 160 leading health issues, by video service Push Doctor.

It revealed that the trend for self-diagnoses has risen 19% in the last 12 months (an average of an extra 848,000 searches each month).

The share of UK health searches was highest in Liverpool at 5.99%, in Cardiff at 5.86% and Surrey at 5.74%.

Back pain, diarrhoea and depression were the health conditions that were most likely to be searched for. Liverpool had the most searches for back pain and depression, while Shropshire had the most for diarrhoea.

The other highly searched conditions (in descending order) were rheumatism (most commonly searched in Belfast), multiple sclerosis (London), meningitis (Surrey), chlamydia (Essex), ovulation (Essex), lupus (Surrey), and diabetes (Hertforshire).

In contrast, patients who are least likely to self-diagnose were based in Hertfordshire (0.94%), Milton Keynes (0.72%), and York (0.64%).