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Tuesday 16 July 2019
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PMS review could 'strip millions' from practices

PMS review could 'strip millions' from practices

Area teams have been given six weeks to gather data for a Personal Medical Services (PMS) contract funding review that could strip millions of pounds from the profession.

Yet despite the ‘challenging timetable’, GP leaders remain unconvinced that reviews of PMS deals will be ready by 2014/15. 

GP leaders have also claimed that up to £200 million could be lost under plans to equalise funding across PMS and General Medical Services (GMS) contracts. 

But the decision on how much could be removed from general practice rests on NHS England’s assessment of PMS practices’ baseline funding. 

British Medical Association (BMA) General Practitioners Committee (GPC) negotiator Dr Chaand Nagpaul said: “We find it inexplicable that the government has not been able to resource PMS on equivalent terms to GMS. PMS practices to date are paying locum superannuation in full without the recompense that is going to GMS.

Dr Nagpaul added that the BMA is concerned about the capacity of area teams to undertake PMS reviews following NHS reorganisation. 

An NHS England spokeswoman said: “NHS England is undertaking a  programme of work over the next few months to ensure that we are in a position to make decisions about applying the principles of equitable funding to PMS contracts and ensuring they continue to deliver best value for 2014/15 and beyond.”


This is complete madness. There is nothing left to strip away. 90% of work of NHS is done in Primary care for less than 9% of funds. All that will happen is that experienced GPs who can afford to will leave which will leave less experienced demoralised GPs behind and many of those will, at least, consider emigrating. Demoralising and demonising staff will not improve the service the majority of GPs and their staff are working flat out just to stand still.
This practice is in one of most deprived estates in the country with high demand per patient and a lot of addiction and consequent problems. We nonetheless get high QOf points and hit all the TARGETS we are set, we work with other groups in wider community to try to improve the lot of the decent ordinary people living in this estate. For us a security guard is not a luxury it is an essential but if funding is cut do I cut the guard or do I cut somewhere else? If the rewards for working get so low that one cannot attract staff there will be no service.

May be the GP leaders don't care enough or are hardly going to be effected if the final review happens on time. Else they must have doubtlessly taken some step.