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Thursday 18 July 2019
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CQC and HEE have set out plans to share information more freely

The CQC has set out how it intends to work more effectively with HEE

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has set out how it intends to work more effectively with Health Education England (HEE).

As they both have oversight responsibilities of care providers, the latest memorandum of understanding sets out a framework between the HEE and CQC to help them collaborate more effectively.

One of the main principles set out in the memorandum is to share information more readily.

Both organisations, for example, can benefit from sharing information on education and training issues flagged by HEE, which might be symptoms of wider patient safety and care concerns that are of interest to the CQC.

Therefore, under the new memorandum, the information from HEE's inspections will be shared with the CQC along with the range of information they use to form their judgements.

However, the memorandum also states: “It does not cover information HEE may hold relating to the training of other primary care professionals, for example nurses and dentists.

“A separate MOU [memorandum of understanding] relating to these professional groups will be developed in future.”

Similarly, the CQC intends to share information with HEE on the quality of care in providers that deliver GP training.

The CQC has also agreed to share relevant information gathered during the inspections of these providers with HEE.

The memorandum has two sections detailing how the organisations will collaborate over acute hospitals as well as primary medical services.

The CQC has been approached for comment.