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Sunday 18 August 2019
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Dinas Distribution

Duracell approved suppliers of Specialist Batteries for the Medical Profession.

Visit for further information or call 0739 444 5902.
You can Click Here to download an interactive order form you can then complete and either e-mail to or print and fax to 01204 565658.
Our prices are what you pay. No Vat and no carriage with a low minimum carriage paid order quantity of 50 or more mixed batteries which have a shelf life of 7 years.
Order a mix of 100 batteries and we will send you a box of 10 x “AA” FOC.
Automatic account facility for all Doctor’s Practices and Health Centres, no need to fill in an application form just ensure full address is entered on the order form. You can pay by cheque or via Bacs; Bank details are printed on the invoice which comes with the batteries as an address label. Sorry, we do not accept payment by Credit/Debit cards as they are expensive to operate.

Orders are dispatched same day or next working day via FedEx or Royal Mail depending on the size of the order.

Duracell Industrial Batteries are supplied loose in convenient boxes of 10 for easy storage in the most popular sizes of “AA”, “AAA”, “C”, “D”, and “9Volt”. We also supply numerous other references including “CR2032” and other "CR" sizes, “½AA”, LR44, etc. As different manufacturers use alternative references please check with us with details printed on the battery.

Cardionetics state that “c.net2000+” equipment only operates correctly with Varta “AA” batteries which we sell in packs of 4.