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Thursday 18 January 2018


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‘I remain a frontline GP, so I know the pressures we face’

Tuesday 19th December 2017

As NHS England’s head of primary care, Dr Arvind Madan is faced with the mammoth task of implementing the changes set out in the General Practice Forward View (GPFV).

After only two years in the role, the east London GP has made quite an impression. With experience in turning around a dozen struggling practices, he has been working hard on achieving everything set out in the GPFV.

His ambitions to build a new version of general practice partly came from the...

Wed, 19 Sep 2007
A security breach has raised questions over the NHS IT programme
Thu, 13 Sep 2007
The Healthcare Commission want the DH to release ISTC patient data to create a single information database
Thu, 13 Sep 2007
MPs are not impressed with the development of the NHS IT programme
Tue, 14 Aug 2007
Experts say that a constant stream of emails can stress out practice managers at work
Fri, 20 Jul 2007
We've been doing Choose and Book since the start of the year. The GPs don't get involved in the booking process, they simply send the patients to admin, usually to me ...
Wed, 18 Jul 2007
Appointment reminders sent by text message are now regularly being adopted by hospitals. But with patient nonattendane significant problem in general practice too, perhaps this method of contacting patients could also benefit primary care? Judith Harvey looks at a few practices that have adopted patient messaging systems, and asks how this has helped them
Tue, 19 Jun 2007
NHS Alliance says website will help empower patients to make informed decisions