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Friday 19 October 2018


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RCGP: More than 700 UK practices could close in the next five years

Friday 28th September 2018

As many as 762 practices across the UK could be forced to close over the next five years as their GPs are approaching retirement, the RCGP has said.
Three-quarters of the practices’ GPs are aged over 55 and will soon retire, according to a new RCGP analysis published today.
Around 625 practices in England, 71 in Scotland, 37 in Wales and 29 in Northern Ireland will be affected, according to the RCGP analysis, which is based on NHS Digital data....

Tue, 30 Jan 2007
NHS Workforce figures indicate that a third of Scottish GPs are aged 50 or over
Mon, 1 Jan 2007
Age discrimination legislation came into effect on 1 October 2006, although its full impact may not be immediately clear to a lot of managers. Considered to be the most significant and far-reaching piece of employment legislation since the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995, it affects virtually everyone in the workplace, as Patricia Gray explains …
Mon, 1 Jan 2007
The year ahead will see the introduction of several government initiatives focusing on the education and training of young people. There are campaigns directly aimed at improving the health of young people and, perhaps more significantly, the introduction of a new diploma for 14–19-year-olds seems likely to open up increased educational opportunities in the healthcare sector
Mon, 1 Jan 2007
Glynis Buckle is a former practice manager who now works as an associate postgraduate dean. Here, she discusses her role and responsibilities, and reveals how skills gained and developed in practice management can be transferred to a medical educational environment. She also looks at the opportunities available in this field for practice managers seeking fresh challenges
Mon, 1 Jan 2007
Edward Picot has worked as a practice manager for several years and is all too familiar with the typical mishaps, pitfalls and problems that can occur in general practice, and with the lighthearted events that add colour to a busy surgery. In the first of his new, regular diary feature, Edward reflects on the strange case of the booking of the absent-minded locum GP …
Mon, 1 Jan 2007
The threat of an influenza pandemic – whether or not a strain of the H5N1 avian flu virus – still looms large, with many experts believing that such an event is inevitable. What is certain is the strain this would put on primary care resources. This Management in Practice special report looks at the implications of a flu pandemic and asks: are practices adequately prepared?
Mon, 1 Jan 2007
England’s national director of pandemic influenza preparedness, Professor Lindsey Davies, considers the potential impact of a pandemic and discusses the critical role that primary care would be expected to play. She also suggests that increasing the level of general practice involvement in planning is critical to the development of integrated and effective response arrangements